Get Your checklist ready for an Easter Scavenger Hunt

By Jamyy Jon

April 20, 2017 Games No comments

Creating ideas, riddles and games for your Easter celebrations isn’t too difficult, but it’s easy to come down with a case of holiday idea block. It’s a lot like writer’s block except that instead of being unable to write what you need to, you can’t come up with good ideas for your holiday celebration. Whether you’re running out of time or you just want to make sure you remember everything, here’s a checklist for your Easter egg scavenger hunt.

Get Your checklist ready for an Easter Scavenger Hunt


Know the Participants

Often times, this step isn’t necessary, but if you’re hosting a scavenger hunt for all your grandchildren or everyone in your child’s class, make sure you know how many participants you’ll have and how old they are. You shouldn’t hide eggs in difficult places if you’re going to have a bunch of three-year-olds, and likewise, they shouldn’t all be sitting in the grass for those over ten. Most importantly, make sure your guests know the event details and you know whether or not they’re coming.

Set the Date

It’s not required that you prepare all your Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles and games for Easter morning. While it’s certainly a fine choice, it might not be best for your event. Planning ahead is key to selecting a date and time that works best for you. A Sunday-morning breakfast, church and then a modest hunt with your kids is a great way to spend Easter, but if your hunt needs something different, select a date that works for everyone involved.

Pick a Place

Choosing a good place to do your Easter scavenger hunt is a crucial step. Again, this will depend on how many hunters and what specific type of hunt you are preparing. If the weather is a problem, you may want to consider some indoor options that you can change to if need be. If you don’t have easy access to a good outdoor space, check local parks to see if they might be a good place. Even if your hunt is just for your immediate family, it can be a nice way to add a little variety to your hunt this year.

Get the Goods

There are endless possibilities as to what your eggs can contain. Most kids have probably gotten used to sweets and small treats, but that’s no reason not to change things up. If you go with a challenging hunt, the eggs can hold clever Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles that lead them on to the location of the next egg. Puzzle pieces, money and healthy snacks, such as small fruit, can also be great options.

The Brass Tacks

Otherwise known as the vital details. Be sure you have a sufficient number of eggs for the number of people participating in the hunt. If some have broken, plastic eggs are fairly inexpensive to replace. Make sure you provide the egg hunters with a basket or bucket to hold their findings. And, know the number of eggs that you will hide so that you can ensure they’ve all been found.

Now, don’t forget to hide those eggs and enjoy the simple pleasure of the hunt. Set your kids loose to find those eggs, since that’s what all the effort was for in the first place.

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