4 Hacks to Improve Your Productivity During Tax Season

Tax season is synonymous with long and hectic working hours, chaos and misery in the office and too much going on in the board rooms. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It may be a common sight in CPA firms, however a well managed firm allows the owner to conduct business almost smoothly with a few alterations even during the tax season. Moreover, life can go on at a healthy and enjoyable pace without getting hampered by the peak season.

4 Hacks to Improve Your Productivity During Tax Season


Here we will discuss a few productivity hacks that will help you in having a better tax season experience. Take a look:

1. Plan your day in advance

Planning your day well in advance increases your productivity significantly. Make it a habit to plan your day either in the morning or simply prior at night. Once you prioritize the work, your time won’t get wasted. By assigning number to your tasks, you will complete the important work first and won’t stuck working them late in the day.

Planning ahead will keep you focused and will help you in utilizing your time productively. In the busy tax season, this habit will keep you under control and right on the track.

2. Divide your time

Are your appointments just scattered around that will further waste your time in preparing yourself mentally and physically? Small things like these can distract you and prevent you from concentrating that would definitely hamper your work.

The best solution to this is start dividing your time. You can schedule the similar tasks into one slot to ensure your productivity. For instance, put all the client and team meetings into one block of a few hours. Make sure you let your staff know about this so they don’t disturb you during these times. This way you can focus on growth oriented and most important tasks.

3. Delegate the work

You can’t do all the work by yourself, know it, accept it and delegate some of the work. Being the practice owner or senior member, avoid doing the work that can be done efficiently by other team members such as collecting fees, e-filing tax returns, administrative tasks etc.

It is extremely important to delegate the tasks to other team members. However, whether it is a CPA firm with full time staff or smaller firms, hire some part time or seasonal workers to complete these tasks.

More importantly, you should dedicate your time and attention to core areas such as client nurturing and attention, team development and performing high end technical works.

4. Learn to Refuse

It is important to keep your clients and employees happy but you can’t keep everyone of them happy at all times. This would eventually lead to poor time management, unsatisfied and unhappy clients and employees that would bring out no or poor results.

Get an understanding of how much you can take up and work accordingly. This will help you creating a perfect balance of work and life. As a result you can deliver good results to your clients without compromising on quality. Tax season is already hectic, avoid taking piles of work without taking into consideration the time, resources and quality factor. So, learn to say no!

These hacks will help you in keeping a steady pace during the hectic tax season.

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